Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What's missing this election year? The disappeared!!

Who are the disappeared? You thought they were just the victims of those South American countries?  Not hardly, friends!

If you recall the year that President Ronald Reagan ran for re-election..... every night on every channel, we were flamed with pictures of Ronald Reagan's homeless people'....

Every evening Brokaw, Rather and Jennings forced the sad pictures and sorry stories of the thousands of homeless people sleeping on the streets, in cardboard boxes or on park benches....  All because of Reagan's policies! 

Guess what folks?   There are by gob'mint count - more than twice as many homeless folks out there this year..... some 650,000 of them.  These would be those 47 million not lucky enough to get food stamps I guess...

When was the last time you saw one on your evening news??  Bite my tongue --- these are Obamanation's homeless people -- we don't talk about them --- they're disappeared!

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