Saturday, October 27, 2012

Somali's rushed to the early voting stations in Ohio.....

By now you've already read the headlines....   do you reckon it's that great, proud American spirit that causes all these Somali immigrants who can neither read, nor write, nor speak English to go rushing off to the polls today.  

Do you suppose their Dimmocrat minders, and poll watchers, and voting instructors guide them in any way toward their Dimmocrat line?

Are you aware that in Ohio, to register to vote - all you need to do is show a utility bill? No Picture ID, no other ID.  And of course, mark your 'X' where it asks if you are an American citizen.... who cares?

So, you put 12 Somali immigrants into an apartment, each month you put the electricity or the water in a different occupants name...... Viole!! I six months, you have 12 potential voters to register.  

Then as soon as early voting starts, you pile 'em on buses and take them to the polls.

$64.00 Question:  Do you still wonder why the Democrats are so violently against picture ID, voting laws?

How come there ain't more good Americans getting mad about having their country stolen from them -- and the purity of their vote?

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