Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So.... the town is going bankrupt .... so whose fault is it?

We've all read the horror stories of the overpaid mayors, cops and firemen out in California -- and the towns going bankrupt because of them.  But we shook it off - after all, it's the Left Coast -- what else can you expect?

But now comes some reporting about the East Coast -- the little town of Ramapo (Population 125K) in South East NY, just off the New York State Thruway --  has a Chief of Police whose total salary last year was $321,719!!  American dollars.  American Tax Payer Dollars.

As a matter of record, New York's 20 highest-paid local-government employees -- mostly police officers and brass outside of the city of New York all brought home at least $245,000 last year! (NYC Commissioner Kelly with 35,000 cops only gets $205K per year)

Between these exorbitant salaries, the accompanying retirement costs, Governor Cuomo (yeah that Cuomo dynasty) says "The cost of our public-employee work force in unsustainable."  

But in the next breath, when it was pointed out that repeal of a State Law providing for automatic public payroll raises would solve the problem - the same Cuomo (yeah that Cuomo dynasty) allowed as that is a "political non-starter' because of union contributions to the State legislature.....

What is it they say on Twitter or Tweeter>    YFIO!!!!

Now, about those teacher's unions, fire fighter's unions ...... oh never mind --- A magic genie will appear............ NOT!

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