Friday, October 19, 2012

It's crunch time - and the JournoList folks will be in a panic mode.....

What? Are you telling me that American voters have already forgotten JournaList and it's impact on the election of 2008???

I'm not gonna waste the ink here to brief those for whom CRS has set in..... click here for a Wiki recap.

Now then, this left leaning liberal cabal in the main-stream-media are in a frothing frenzy!  Polls are swinging faster than they can discount them.  Uncontrollable events like the Benghazi atrocity are actually sinking into peoples heads as they read the headlines at the grocery store check out counters, SNAP cards in hand. 

Despite the finest efforts of the debate moderators, Romney is still getting his message out. Even (Too Much) Candy Crowley's heavy thumb pushing down on the scales with her instant (and erroneous) fact checking and constant interruptions haven't helped the hapless Obamanation.

Poor fella, in 2008 he had "Hope & Change" as his mantra --- now he has an indefensible four year record to defend.  And Romney can reasonably shout - "Hope for change!"

So, Monday night in the JournoList-2012 goal line defense.  Bob Schieffer, the feisty seventy-five year old news curmudgeon of CBS will be brought in off the bench to stave off Romney's charge.

The question for the sixty million fans in the stands.....  who will show up? An old fashioned, take no prisoners, newsman...   or just another wussy pimp for the JournoList crowd.

Being the eternal optimist that I am --- I am hoping that Bob Schieffer wakes up Monday morning and realizes that this is probably his swan song -- and may well be the TV journalist performance for which he is eternally remembered. 

Besides, he couldn't possibly outscore Martha Raddatz and Crowley for JournoList bias points -- so why not play it straight.....

But I'll keep my fingers crossed as well..... 

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