Friday, October 26, 2012

Electoral College vs Popular Vote.....

Every four years, the talking heads, the vacuous eyed intellectual wannabe's with big hair, no hair, or nose hair, and the otherwise unimportant folks in our public lives, get on the rant that the Electoral College system is antiquated. 

They claim it's a hangover from the horse & buggy days.... "One man - one vote", they cry --- completely clueless in their arguments. I'm in a mood to belabor this topic - but I'm not going to. Anybody who truly cares can easily enough Google and find the arguments in nano-seconds. I'll simply say this ---

In my not-so-humble opinion,  "Abolition of the Electoral College, and establishment of a popular vote to determine our President and Vice President would be the last blow to our Republic!! 

We were created by the Founding Fathers as a Democratic Republic and the day we forget that, we will follow every true democracy in history down into the abyss of failed countries."

 Pure democracies NEVER last - ask any Greek..... or for that matter, ask any Californian!

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