Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Nation of Sheeple? And Dumb to boot?

Stand back Partners, I'm about to get wordy here--

As I watched the debate Tuesday night, after I got by my absolute shock that the moderator would not only be biased, she would be running interference for Obamanation and throwing flags mindlessly --- (she interrupted Romney 28 times in full stride)....  but once I got past that, I got to thinking of one of BO's most specific (if not profound) statements:

He said: "That's why we doubled fuel efficiency standards on cars, that means that in the middle of the next decade, any car you buy, you're going to end up going twice as far on a gallon of gas."

This statement begs so many questions - and I have so little space. 

1. Who is the 'we' in 'we doubled efficiency standards'. Is their a passel of auto engineers in the West Wing or the EPA -- or just some pencil necked, tree hugging lawyers that decided 'we will raise the MPG (gasoline) standards arbitrarily?

2. They have already raised average MPG requirements to 35.5 MPG by 2016. That's just four years from now and as of last month -  the average MPG is 23.2. What's the scam (besides political BS) in these standards?  It's spelled ETHANOL and lobbyists! Follow the money -- In Obama-speak MPG is an acronym for MILES PER GALLON OF GASOLINE (not ethanol or alternative fuels)  and if labeled honestly would be MPGG!

3. Here is the biggie -- How many of you folks lay awake at night dreaming of the day in 2025 when you can pay four times as much for a car and four times as much for a gallon of gasoline so that you can go twice as far on one gallon? Somehow that math just doesn't work -- in must be in the D.C. drinking water. That's how they budget too!

If I am paying more than twice as much for a gallon of 'blended' gasoline today than I was four years ago when Obamanation took the oath, and am getting two more miles per gallon of gasoline because I'm partly burning corn product... where's the gain? 

And I ain't even gonna talk about the price of pork, chicken, beef, and tortillas - all of which now compete for the same bushel of corn........  think on it and talk to your friends before November 6th, PLEASE!

If I didn't make my point, click here and read what the Detroit News says about this. If I'm wrong - tell me.....

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