Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A special Independence Day message.....

I was looking around for a special message to share on this 236th Birthday we celebrate today - and in doing so - came across one that appears totally unrelated, but is right on point!

It's almost impossible to realize that it has been thirty-four years today, since the Israeli raid on Entebbe to save the Jewish citizens held hostage by Palestinian Arab highjackers in Uganda. Click here to read the short story of that event and the surprising "rest of the story" that is related. Then return here, please - for my final comment.

I hope you clicked on the link and read the one page summarized article before continuing here. I think it provides great insight into the thinking of the current Prime Minister of Israel and their need to be strong and even strike first if necessary, to survive in this short fused modern world.

Their young country of Israel has been defending it's very existence for 70 years -- we, the USA have been defending our home from forces of all stripes and colors for 236 years. It would appear that despite treaties, alliances and the bloated and blighted United Nations, we are going to have to continue to do so.

We can do it - if we try!

Happy Birthday America!!

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