Monday, July 2, 2012

No recession in the White House......

When the White House is required to release information that they just as soon not make national headlines - they use what is called the 'Friday Night Dump'.... that is - they release the report after business hours on Friday evening so that it is 'old news' by the time Monday morning rolls around .....

A good example happened last Friday evening when the (required) annual report of White House salaries was released.. The payroll for Obamanation and Michelle Antoinette's assistants, aides and curtsiers was $37,800,000! That's up $700.000 just since last year... BO has twenty assistancts all drawing the maximum allowed by law, $172,000 + benefits + perks + God knows what!

Facts they didn't release included:
- 71% of all small business owners believe we are still in a recession
- 86% of Americans in their sixties say they will have to continue working after turning 65
- 95% of the jobs lost in this last recession were the middle class jobs
- American workers work 107 days just to pay their local, state and fed taxes
- When Hyundai opened their plant in Montgomery Alabama, 20,000 workers applied for the 877 jobs.
- When BO took office, there were 2.7 million long term unemployed workers, today there are twice that - 5.4 million.... and we are losing manufacturing jobs at the rate of a half million a year --- JUST TO China!

And finally - the US Gob'mint is spending $20,000,000 (million) dollars to create a version of Sesame Street for the children of Pakistan!!

Now don't you feel better about your gob'mint??

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