Thursday, July 19, 2012

Like Kitty Kalen used to sing, "Little Things Mean A Lot!"

Apparently Michelle Antoinette is the star attraction at a Obamanation fundraiser at Massachusetts Gob'nor Deval Patricks personal mansion on August 3rd.

To avoid Madam Michelle from suffering the indignation of any bumps on her way into the $20,000 per seat fundraiser - the gob'nor has asked the local town to 'bring in a few tons of blacktop and smooth the road to his his 'Sweet P Farm' !!

Ain't that special--?

Sure hope none of those dreaded rich "One Percenters" are buying those $20,000 seats. Hope they are all being bought by them poor Occupyin' folks......

I wonder if there is a full time White House staffer to check each evening to make sure that there is no unwelcome 'pea' under Ms Michelle's mattress..... can't be too careful!

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