Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy COGD, Fellow Taxpayers....

Yessirree Bob!! July 15th, the 197th day of this year of our Lord, 2012 - is officially recognized as Cost of Government Day (COGD) and the American taxpayers have finally finished working for the gob'mints at all levels and started working for themselves.

From 1977 till 2008, Cost of Government Day always fell in June. But with Obamanation and his cronies doing their 'shovel ready jobs of shoveling money' into the abyss of national socialism... we are now in the July COGD period.

Come November 6th, if voters don't wake up, we may introduce the 'August COGD' era... wouldn't that be a damned shame -- but well deserved if the voters do it!!

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