Monday, July 30, 2012

God bless the Federal hiring policies....

If I mentioned the name Graham Spanier to y'all..... unless you live in Happy Valley, Pennsylvania, it probably wouldn't mean much. Mr. Spanier is the scandal-marred, ex-president of Penn State university. You know, the guy who resigned from his post in the midst of the sex abuse scandal and arrest of Jerry Sandusky.

Whee Doggies, some folks (including former FBI Director Freeh) even hinted that perhaps Spanier was a part of the cover-up along with Coach Joe..... all for the good of the University of course!

Well shucks, looks like ex-Pres Spanier is gonna be able to afford to have milk on his cornflakes after all. According to his lawyer, Spanier now has a job working for a "top secret" gob'mint agency.

"In the meantime, the government continues to employ Spanier, which means that we are all paying his salary with our tax dollars. It also means that the government is entrusting work related to our national security to Spanier–a man who has proved that he simply isn’t trustworthy.'

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