Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dems threaten recession if GOP won't raise taxes?

We are seeing a new level of the depth to which the Dim's will sink in order to raise taxes in this country.... They apparently are perfectly willing to throw the country under the bus -- over the cliff (you choose) if that's what it takes to get the GOP to agree to raise taxes.

Democrats must feel really good about their election chances, because their latest campaign strategy is to say how willing and eager they are to leap off the January tax cliff. They're all but daring Republicans to make the Democrats' day by refusing to raise taxes before the election.

That was the chest-pounding message Monday from Patty Murray, the Washington Democrat who runs her party's Senate campaign committee. In a speech at the Brookings Institution, she declared that if Republicans won't raise taxes on income above $250,000 before November, Democrats will gladly let all of the Bush tax rates expire at the end of the year—even on the middle class, and no matter the economic consequences.

Maybe they think another Republican will take them at their word like President Bush #41 did when he compromised with the Dammorats after promising "No New Taxes". Which of course, the Dam Dims turned into a war chant to help Bubba run George H W out of office...

C'mon guys, vote to raise taxes, nobody will mind --- Lisa Benson hits it well in her cartoon.

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