Friday, July 20, 2012

About Michelle Bachmann's comments...

... now folks, don't get me wrong, I ain't got no dog in this fight. No skin in this game. But I do have a couple of questions.

Back in my Air Force career, I was investigated and held a top secret clearance for twenty years. I was regularly re-investigated. When I married, my wife was investigated before I was allowed to keep my clearance.

Having said that, I understand that Michelle Bachmann's greatest sin was to send a letter (not a public microphone as Chuck-you Schumer or Bite-me Biden would do) to the an inspector general questioning the wisdom of retaining Huma Abedin on the payroll as the closest confidante of the Secretary of State of the United States.

Nothing more.

I had good and patriotic friends lose their security clearances because of whom they married, the actions of their friends or relatives, even their sexual preferences.

And here we have a young lady, of whatever qualifications, whose late father, mother, and brother are all apparently closely tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization of avowed haters of this country, yet who continues to carry the highest security clearance in the land and be privy to it's greatest international plans and secrets. As my grand kid would say, 'Whassup with that?'

Ms Abedin may be a marvelous, patriotic, flag waving citizen - but the question remains.... with 300 million Americans to choose from to fill her highly paid position, why risk it. Why keep her in a job where pressure, family sourced or otherwise - could be brought to bear. It would be doing her a favor as well. That same grand kid would call it a 'No-brainer!!'

Please don't tell me that she is the only capable American. Please don't tell me that it's Secretary Clinton's prerogative and personal choice.

Finally, I can only imagine the glee on the Dim Congressional election committee's chubby little faces as they see the opportunity to use this letter to snatch Bachmann's seat in Congress away from the GOP and turn it Blue.

And apparently with the help of a lot of thumb sucking, head bowing, spaghetti back-boned RINO's helping them.

The liberal blogs and news outlets have their Christmas gifts delivered in July !!!

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