Sunday, July 29, 2012

A question comes to mind......

I read today the Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr, (D-IL) was admitted to the Mayo Clinic up in Rochester, Minnesota for treatment of 'depression and stomach aches'.

For the one person in the country that doesn't know about the Mayo Clinic let me say:

"The Mayo Clinic is one of the most highly regarded medical facilities in the world. The cli
nic says that more than a million individuals seek treatment there each year."

The Mayo Clinic is where the rich and the famous go for immediate, front of the line treatment of the very highest caliber. But don't bring your Medicare card.

I wish Jesse Junior a speedy recovery - but like I said in the title of this little piece...

I wonder if the cook in his corner deli, when restricted by law to the constraints of Obamacare...... will be immediately flown to the Mayo Clinic if s/he develops 'depression and stomach problems'?

Nah, I don't really wonder..... do you?

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