Monday, April 30, 2012

Just a Monday morning pondering......

By now we all know much more about Mr George Zimmerman of Florida than we ever needed to know. Included in these factoids is the fact that he had a Caucasian-American father and a Peruvian mother.

Thus the headlines in the NY Times bannered, after the incident of Mr Trayvon Martin's passing, that the shooter was a "White-Hispanic"!!

This causes me to ponder why, when speaking of the POTUS, who has a Caucasian-American mother and a Kenyan father -- they don't refer to him as a "White-African" instead of an African-American... it gets confusing sometimes.

Particularly when I am certain, as are all of you, that according to their motto, the NY Times has only interest is presenting "All The News That's Fit To Print"!

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