Saturday, December 8, 2007

Remember this picture????????

...... it was on the front page of every newspaper and on everybody's evening news. Purporting to show the result of global warming and the desperate conditions of the polar bears, this picture was actually shot three years ago in the middle of summer. So much for 'balanced and accurate' reporting by the main stream media!
Nigel Marvin, naturalist photographer has just finished a five part series on the Artic for British television and shows that current polar bear populations are around 25,000. Seal, walrus, and artic fox populations seem to be equally strong.

As the British Daily Mail labeled it: 'It's the photo that became a symbol of global warming: polar bears stranded on a melting ice-floe in mid-winter. The truth? It was taken in summer'
Marven by the way, refuses to take sides in the argument, he just photographs what he sees.
What it is apparently, in addition to Gorbot poofery, is a source of income for the good folks in the area who are benefiting from all the tourism of folks from around the world to see the bears before they "are all gone"!

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