Sunday, December 2, 2007

Oh Shoot!!! If some politicians start calling a spade a spade....

.... then where in the world will there be room for the other 99% that won't? Newt Gingrich - in Ole Pecoz's mind the feller with the most brilliant mind in modern politics and the most unelectable because of that very attribute speaks out yet again.... (from the, Dec 2)

Speaking on C-SPAN's "In Depth" Sunday, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich issued a strong condemnation of President Bill Clinton's character, Clinton's recent comments against Gingrich over the 1998 impeachment and the former president's recent claim that he was always against the war in Iraq."He is fundamentally dishonest on a routine, regular basis," said Gingrich. "It's just his personality. He tells you the version he needs to be who he is to get through this week. And he just did it in Iowa over whether he used to be against the war in Iraq."Clinton told a crowd gathered in Iowa on Tuesday that he that he "opposed Iraq from the beginning." This statement doesn't perfectly square with previous statements by Clinton, including one in 2003 when he said, "I supported the president when he asked for authority to stand up against weapons of mass destruction in Iraq."Gingrich also took exception with Clinton's recent characterization of the impeachment proceedings (Clinton told C-SPAN's Brian Lamb earlier that Gingrich thought the impeachment of Clinton "was something where he could manipulate the press in the present and the historians in the future. And maybe spook the Democrats into running me off. And I think he knew me well enough by then to know that he couldn't spook me and run me off.").

"Clinton is a wonderful story teller and he's a very charming man," said Gingrich. "But he has the greatest ability to rewrite his own life of anybody I've ever seen. ... Perjury was committed, perjury is a felony. ... He should have been impeached for breaking the law. ... President's should not be above the law. That's a very dangerous precedent."Gingrich fielded a question about whether he'd accept an offer to serve as vice president of the United States. "Depending on the circumstances, I'd be honored to be considered and under some circumstances I'd probably feel compelled to say 'yes.'"

I think I'd rather see him in the position of Chief of Staff or Senior Political Advisor instead of Veep -- but that's just me..........

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