Sunday, December 30, 2007

I shure hope that when them Iowans go to their little caucuses this Thursday.....

.... what Rush Limbaugh call the "Hawkeye - Cauci" ... that they take this little set of 'Cliff Notes" with 'em....

Since our last real President and Leader, Ronald Reagan, left office, we have been led by:

1988 - 1992 George H W Bush

1992 - 1996 William (Bubba) Clinton

1996 - 2000 William (Bubba) Clinton

2000- 2004 George W Bush

2004- 2008 George W Bush

2008 - 2012 ?????????????

Surely we can find another President among our 300,000,000 LEGAL citizens, someone who ain't named Bush or Clinton!! Trust me- this ain't no fresh face...

Please protect us from ' liberal tri-angulators' and 'compassionate conservatives' and offer us a real choice between two fresh faces.... one who is a dedicated Liberal Democrat and another who is a dedicated Conservative Republican and let us decide which direction we want this country to take.....!!!!

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